Get to Know Your Farmer


If you do not grow your own food, do you know where it comes from? How it is produced? Do you trust that your food will promote health and wellness for you and your family?

Do you know your farmer?

We at Old Loon Farm are farm-to-fork local — your food is grown here on our farm,  freshly harvested and prepared especially for you.

Why Should You Buy Locally?

Today’s food stream – the fresh and processed foods you purchase from your local supermarket – is often sourced thousands of miles away from where you live. Packaging and shipping are expensive – impacting both  your wallet and our environment.  Even with labels, you often don’t know where the food was produced, how it was produced, or whether it has been treated with chemicals, hormones, extra fats and preservatives, because such labeling is not required on all products.

You will be amazed how much better fresh, IN SEASON, foods taste!  Fresh foods are higher in nutrition, too!

We work hard to protect and improve our soil because healthy soils produce healthy food products. Our vegetables are produced here on the farm, from seed starts to harvest, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.   Our chickens run free, our lambs graze and browse on pastures of fresh grass and natural local plants. Our sweeteners – pure honey, maple syrup and sorghum syrup are pure and produced right here.   And in our bakery, all our products are hand-made with fresh ingredients, including a bit of love!



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