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Thank you for your support over that past 20 years. October 2022.

At Old Loon Farm, we prepare many specialty items in our lovely farm kitchen that are both delicious and good for you!

CURRENTLY we are selling ONLY wholesale and by special order.

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Our unique original recipe Whole Grain & Fruit Granola is baked with the goodness of oats, barley, almonds, and dried fruits, ground flax seed, and slightly sweetened with honey and natural (no sugar) apple syrup, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s a taste treat, and so good for you! Start your day right! Try it for breakfast with milk or yogurt, or nibble on it as a snack.

Or try our Nuts About Granola variety, an extra crunchy treat brimming with almonds, walnuts, pepitas, sunflower nuts, coconut and oats, sweetened with our own local maple syrup and honey, with just a touch of cinnamon.  Buckwheat and Oats Granola has the nutritional boost of buckwheat, along with nuts, seeds, sweet sorghum syrup, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.  Crunchy and delicious!



 Artisan Breads  

Our robust and crusty breads are quick sell-outs.  Shop early for the best selection, or order ahead for pick up.

Filone   Widely popular, this long loaf of crusty Italian bread is just the right partner for your spaghetti, soup or salad; slice it thin for  your favorite bruschetta, slice it thick for a scrumptious french toast breakfast.

Whole Wheat Braid    Hearty whole wheat, spelt, rye, oats, yogurt and our own local honey add a nutritional boost to this braided loaf.  A Loomis family favorite for many years, this hearty loaf is excellent for sandwiches, toast, or alongside your favorite salad.

9-Grain bread  A full-bodied loaf of goodness from chem-free whole grains! Do  your diet a favor: lower saturated fats and cholesterol, and increase protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.  Great for toasting.

Seeded Honey Oat Bread   Another whole-grain loaf that’s so good and so good for you! Made with steel cut oats, our own local honey, and whole grain spelt, capped with sunflower or pumpkin seeds, this is another favorite for toasting and sandwiches.

Black Russian Rye   A dark, robust loaf, sweetened with local sorghum syrup, with rich flavors of coffee and cocoa, seeded with caraway, covered with poppy seed! A must for those deli sandwiches!

Peasant Bread   Our Peasant Bread is a light but not-so-white whole grain loaf that’s excellent for sandwiches and toast.  Spelt, 10-grain mix (wheat, rye, triticale, oats, brown rice, barley, corn, soybeans, oat bran and flaxseed), rolled oats, sunflower seeds, and rye flour  contribute to a tasty complexity of grains, sweetened with sorghum, honey and just a touch of sugar.

Sandwich Rolls   These buns are the best!  No wimpy soft buns here. These hearty rolls will stand up to any  sandwich fillings you can pile on.

Cardamom Braid  A beautiful braided light bread, sweetened and flavored with cardamom and lemon, and topped with crystallized sugar.

Multi-Grain Scones  Our delicious and nutritious breakfast cookie or anytime snack, these yummy treats are lower-fat and higher-energy, full of whole grains and natural dried fruits.  Definitely not a dried out, run-of-the-mill coffee shop scone!

No-Grain Snack Bars   Our snack bars are grain-free and gluten-free, brimming with nuts and fruits. A nutritional treat after those summer workouts! Cherry Bliss, cashew Coconut, Quinoa Crunch, and Cranberry Pumpkin Seed are favorites.

Beat the Indiana Winter  with our Holiday Fruitcake 


Simply the best fruitcake ever!  Chock full of pecans, dates, and dried fruits, this slightly sweet cake is a holiday and long winter favorite – home made, just for you!  Available October – January only.



Jams, Jellies & Preserves 

Hot Pepper Jam   One of our signature offerings, our hot pepper jam is delicious as a garnish, a base for BBQ, or as we like it best – a topping for cream cheese to be served with crackers for a stunning appetizer. We use red-ripe hot and sweet peppers to create this jam each fall during the height of the season.

Fruit Jams   We gather fresh fruits in season and preserve them by turning them into luscious jams. Strawberries, rhubarb, blueberries, cherries, peaches, raspberries, pears and more! Single fruit as well as tasty combinations make our jams something special!

Seasonal Favorites

Horseradish  Cold and hot at the same time!  It’s a tasty addition to drinks, dinners and sandwiches!  We grow our own roots here at the farm and prepare fresh horseradish from September through April.  We “keep it cold to keep it hot!”

Old Loon Farm Honey

DSCN2033We have been working our hives for many years now. Beekeeping has its ups and downs, but usually we have a limited supply of some of the  best natural honey around, made by the bees that help to pollinate our chemical-free vegetables, fruit trees, woodlands and flowers.

SOLD OUT till summer 2022

Indiana Natural Sweet Sorghum Syrup

sorghum 2018 Kick the white sugar habit.  Sweeten your foods with pure, natural cane sorghum. Pairs beautifully with apples, squash, and other fall vegetables; makes delicious caramel corn, cakes, cookies and other baked treats. Use it as a sweetener for your favorite BBQ sauce, salad dressing or ice cream topping.  Sorghum is not just empty calories – contains minerals and vitamins to help restore and rebalance your system.

Pure Maple Syrup

maple syrup jar

Limited supply.  Pure maple syrup harvested and processed right here in our neighborhood woods.  It’s delicious, more nutritious and more flavorful than corn syrup; it’s natural; it’s sustainable!


Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free Pasture Raised Chickens   Our broilers are naturally raised with access to sunshine and fresh pasture. Our birds are butchered in a state-certified facility, individually packaged and frozen.  Grilled, fried or roasted, these birds are unbeatable in flavor and nutrition!




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  1. I just found your name today and wondered if I am too late to get a couple fruitcakes. I loved the one I had last year.


  2. Pam DeCamp says:

    Gosh Jane, I am impressed. Can’t wait to visit you there again.


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