Here we are again in the midst of harvest season! It’s been a very busy summer, as usual, but different this year. Two trips to the east coast interrupted some planting and harvesting, but we decided to make friends with the truth and admit that traveling to see family was more important than an extra bushel of tomatoes. Those grandkids grow up way too fast!

Potatoes from the box

The potatoes we planted in the repurposed dock board boxes did well; we harvested a basket full from each of the three boxes and they were way easier to harvest than digging in the ground. Next year a different crop will grow in those boxes. Maybe beans, as the boxes could be covered with frost blanket to give them an early start.

Garlic harvest ended in another great year! We purchased the original seed garlic way back in 2015, and have always saved the biggest and best heads for seed. The result is an ongoing strong harvest of both scapes and storable heads of large, sweet, delicious garlic.

Cured and trimmed garlic

Our hayfield has been cut and harvested, asparagus fields mowed and cultivated, and a small patch of bell peppers is doing very well in the field.

Peppers just waiting to be stuffed!

All those onions I planted — this year in the main kitchen garden — didn’t do as well as last year’s field crop, suggesting that the field soils are better suited for big onions. We harvested lots, but smaller sized than last year. Farming is always a learning process!

Mama and baby feast on downed pears every evening, just beyond the garden.

I’m reminded daily of the lovely piece of heaven on which we live. Often as we finish the day’s chores, we sit down to enjoy a late evening supper on the deck overlooking the garden, watching and listening. So many birds, such wildlife, trees surrounding us with silence far away from traffic and other noises. An yet, just down the lane, a wonderful group of neighbors comprise the Loon Lake community. Yes, it’s a little piece of heaven for sure.

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