Warming to the Season, 2022

Another chilly Spring has kept us out of the garden for March and most of April this year, but now that May has arrived, things seem to be warming up just a bit. But the soil is still cold and the asparagus has stubbornly refused to join us above ground. Soon, we keep telling everyone, soon!

Meanwhile, we’re planting several varieties of red, white and yellow sweet onions this year, and the hard-necked garlic we planted last fall is up and looking great. Another delicious spring treat, rhubarb, is up and almost to picking stage. I’m dreaming of rhubarb custard pie!

We have repurposed old dock boards into raised beds and are testing them out with potatoes this year. It will save a lot of bending and stooping during planting and harvest, and hopefully the compost-rich soil will produce a bumper crop.

Our small hoop houses are producing as usual, with a nice crop of volunteer cilantro, spinach and lettuce providing us with some nice green meals. Carrots are growing well, strawberries are in blossom and a few beets that survived winter will be ready soon. And as always in the hoop, succession planting keeps us busy till hot July.

Just like everyone, we are anxious to start enjoying the fresh, local foods in our region. It’s never too lake to plant a garden, even a very small one. Visit your local farmers market. And plant something good to eat this year and taste a bit of heaven!

Have a great summer, and enjoy your time outdoors!

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