Heading to May

You always know summer is getting close when the lilacs bloom. They’re just starting to open up and to share that amazing lilac perfume across the farm. Lilacs herald the morel mushroom season as well, but one needs to find or make time to get out into the woods and hunt them! No luck so far.

Meanwhile, it’s planting time! Hoop #3 is almost complete. Low tunnels are protecting our broccoli and kale plants from insects and rabbit damage. Rhubarb is growing well. Our allium field is full, with leeks and shallots having been planted in the last two rows alongside eight varieties of onions.

Onions, and more onions!

Potatoes are in. We’re prepping the tomato- pepper patch for planting as soon as the danger of frost is in the rear view mirror. Garden peas and the first round of carrots are in, snap peas and beans are next. And we are already feasting on spring salad greens. It’s the best time of the year for freshness!

Hoop #3 soon to be completed and ready for cucumbers and other goodies.

This year is such a change from the last few seasons. Last year at the end of May we were debating whether we could get into the field with equipment to plant sorghum, and decided no. It was so wet and cold! This year is a dry and relatively warm season, at least now at the start! Last week’s cold spell, snow and rain, put a quick stop to asparagus production and harvest, but didn’t seem to bother the fruit blossoms. A few more days and we should be able to resume harvesting. It’s definitely dry for Spring and we can use the rain that is in the forecast this week. We will have to see how this growing season unfolds and keep our fingers crossed.

Thought for the day: don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

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