Welcome to 2021!

Just like everyone, we are raring to get “back to normal,” but we’re not quite there yet! Uncertainty still rules, but either we’ve adjusted to the insecurity or we are just looking on the bright side now that Covid 19 vaccinations are available. In any event, there seems to be a change in the wind. And it couldn’t be more welcome!

After spending the winter with family further north, we arrived back on the farm just in time to tap the maple trees and start cooking. This year’s syrup should be good after such a cold and snowy winter. And spending so much time indoors and isolated this year, we are so ready for gardening, even though snow remains on the ground. Spring chores – pruning, shoveling, trimming, scouting fields, cleaning- anything and everything we can do outdoors is welcome!

Our mini hoop houses stood strong through the winter, and this past week we harvested some beautiful and very sweet winter spinach. Also flourishing in the hoop: tat soi, garlic, and mesclun. The temperature inside on a sunny day this week was 95 degrees! Soon we will seed carrots and beets in our second hoop, and we are planning to build two additional hoops this spring. They are so great for extending your harvest!

Looking forward, our fresh asparagus will be available in late April and May. May also brings rhubarb and salad greens. For summer crops, our plans include planting lots of tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes, peas and beans, along with herbs and greens. It’ll be an exciting and delicious summer we hope to share with you!

Until next we meet, stay well, eat well, and extend a helping hand to your neighbor.

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