Changes on the Farm for Summer 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed life around the world for many people, and we don’t expect “back to normal” for most people will come anytime soon. What is “normal” on a small farm? Normal is fairly quiet here.

Isolation seems simpler here on Old Loon Farm than in a big city. We always have more work than we can handle to keep us occupied, and “going to work” generally consists of walking outside to the gardens or fields or barn, sitting in front of a computer checking mail, paying bills, ordering supplies, bookkeeping, or spending the day in the farm kitchen baking. It’s all right here. Since we don’t have hired workers, social isolation is easy. No gym needed. Much of our food grows here. Trips to town for supplies and necessary groceries are not daily or even weekly occurrences.

Of course, we have neighbors and family. We live near a lake community. We have friends and neighbors, many of whom are not so young and are also serious about their health. So we have tried to keep our social distance and add even more healthy practices to our routine. Life changes.

This spring we were blessed to have one of our daughters and her family “visit” for seven weeks, during which time we welcomed a new baby granddaughter, our 12th grandchild. Coming from the populous East Coast urban area, the farm was a welcome respite for them. For our daughter and her husband, working from home on our rural internet was a challenge. For us, their company, as always, was fun and welcomed. Caring for an exuberant 3-year old was both a challenge and a great source of joy for us. Blessings come in so many packages!

Our farm has seen many changes over the years as we adjust to life’s realities, and 2020 is no different. So here are some adjustments we’re making for this season:

We are no longer raising a large flock of laying hens, so do not have farm-fresh eggs for you this year.

We will not have regular store hours. Our store is effectively closed except by appointment or special order for bakery items, sorghum syrup, jams and seasonal veggies. Contact us Our Jane’s Grains artisan breads, granola, cakes and other bakery items are also available through the DeCamp Gardens Farm Store in Albion, IN.

We are growing vegetables, including asparagus, garlic, horseradish, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, onions, potatoes and beans for the wholesale market – some are already contracted. Some will be available by the bushel later in the season. Some will be donated to local food banks.

We are still keeping bees and may have local honey for sale later in the summer.

And, we are hoping for more R&R time this year on Old and Loon lakes, as well as spending lots of time with our families. We hope you get quality time with your loved ones as well. Thanks. And be safe and well.

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