Welcome, Spring!

After possibly the shortest, warmest winter on record, we are back on the farm, and along with everyone else in the country, practicing social distancing due to the novel coronavirus.  Living on a small farm in a rural community that is fairly self-sufficient, it’s easy to forget the world outside. But we are welcoming Spring, planting our victory garden, helping neighbors, doing what we can to stay healthy and to help keep others around us healthy.

We traveled to the East Coast for most of this past winter, specifically New England and DC, spending a lot of time with kids and grandkids, and experiencing some early American history firsthand. For the time being, we are without any animals here on the farm (excepting the abundant wildlife, and our dog, Diamond) but plan to add chickens and lambs again later in the spring.

maple syrupOur 2020 maple season was successful, and that beautiful amber syrup is now processed and ready to see us though until next winter.  We had a fine sorghum harvest last fall, and all our bee colonies made it though the winter, so the local sugar outlook is good.  

Our Jane’s Grains breads are in demand and available once again, both here on the farm and from the DeCamp Gardens farm store in Albion.  Check out what a difference fresh, healthful, whole grain breads make in your diet. We also make a variety of cookies, cakes and scones, as well as home-made jellies and jams.  There’s good eating on this farm, year round!DSCN0014

Since we planted seeds in our hoop house last October and November, we have been able to harvest fresh salad greens in March. Carrots came up and are ready to thin. Parsley, cilantro and chives are thriving.  Our fall garlic crop is popping through the straw in the kitchen garden, and we’ve added spring garlic plantings in the hoop house.  Not quite time to plant  yet outside, but pea, radish, and beet seeds are waiting and ready to go in as soon as the rain stops and the soil warms a bit.  Today we started our tomatoes, onions and peppers indoors. We plan to grow lots of carrots, potatoes, beets and squash this year in the fields we fallowed last season.  And in a month, we’ll be harvesting asparagus again. Spring is such a hopeful time of year!

Our hope is that you are staying healthy, eating healthy and keeping a hopeful outlook this spring.  Be well, help your neighbor, know your farmer, and enjoy your family time!

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