Slowly, Fall Arrived

October arrived with temperatures still close to 80. Some rain and cooler temperatures later in the week brought on the autumn, slowly, but without a hard frost until Halloween night arrived with snow and nighttime temps in the 20s. That gave us plenty of time to harvest what was left of the garden and put it to bed for the oncoming winter.

We love our small unheated hoop houses. Here we are in early November, harvesting carrots and parsley, planting salad greens and watching snow peas grow tall. Will they produce? Don’t know, but at least they’ll fix nitrogen for next year’s crops. The cold took out the last of the green peppers and the San Marzano tomatoes, but we had a good crop of each, along with a bumper crop of cucumbers from one little hoop house.

The main garden is still producing arugula, leeks, celery, lettuce, Swiss chard and horseradish, and there are still a few potatoes left to be dug. Our 2020 garlic crop was planted in early October and covered with straw. We sowed cover crops on last year’s garlic plot. All things considered, it’s been a good year. We canned and preserved a lot of goodies for the winter and shared with friends and family – the best part of gardening! Share the love!

Enjoy this lovely fall season and watch for our sorghum updates, coming soon.

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