4th Week – High Summer Season

Carrot Caroline

We hope you’ve been enjoying the carrots from our garden this year!

Hello Farm Friends and Neighbors,

Here we are at the end of August already!  I was checking out a picture of our kitchen garden from last year in early September, and it’s simply amazing the difference from one year to the next! I picked our grapes today – pretty sad looking due to the high moisture, but did get enough for jelly-making later in the week.

Before we look into this week’s basket, we do want to apologize for not having the celery root for everyone last week – as we began to dig the roots, it became apparent that many had not grown well.  We decided to leave them in the ground and water well; hopefully they’ll still mature before frost.

This week, the big treat is a half-gallon of freshly pressed cider. Chuck took some of our apples across the lake to Tom Wise’s farm where they pressed and bottled some lovely cider!  In your basket you will also find fingerling and/or regular potatoes, kale, arugula and half a dozen fresh eggs, and one or two additional vegetables, depending on which day you pick up and what’s available on that day.

In the herb garden we’re cutting flat leaf Italian parsley, chives, sage, basil and mint.  Please let us know ahead of time if you want us to harvest herbs for your basket.

Have a great week and a relaxing Labor Day holiday weekend!

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